I Was Tagged! I have been tagged by my good friends Laura and Shannan (there are a bunch of others that have tagged me too!) 1. I am very OCD about making my bed when I get out of it in the morning! It's the first thing I do when I get up - I can't stand an unmade bed. I also am OCD about cleaning up the dinner mess - I have a bad habit of cleaning up BEFORE anybody is completely finished - oops! lol 2. I am an addict of Soapnet channel on satellite.......I watch EVERY stinkin' one of the soap operas! I know, isn't that crazy?! LOL I started watching young and the restless/days of our lives years ago - but then when I found Soapnet it just became a sickness. Every night I stamp and watch my soaps LOL 3. I have been married twice - this go around for 13 years - my husband and my ex-husband went to school together. 4. We have an insane amount of computers/printers in our house! There is a computer/printer in every room of our house (well excluding the bathroom lol). My entire family are computer junkies. Our computers are networked like in an office - my husband is anal like that. 5. I have been on a diet for the last 3 months - finally successfully!! I have attempted this several times without any luck. I am down 18 pounds - go me! I am simply counting calories and no cokes or sugar - pretty hard at first, but now it's a breeze! Only 20 pounds more to go! 6. I have always had a knack for typing - it started when I was in 7th grade. I could already type 75wpm error free and was in several contests in high school and won first place ribbons - I know how ridiculous does that sound? *heehee* These days I can currently type 135wpm - I guess luckily for my "day job that supports my stamping habit" I can really belt out the work! 7. I cannot stand cats - but I have a cat named Sammie that I dearly love! (is that weird?) I haven't liked cats my entire life but a couple of years ago some friends of ours had a cat that was about 6 or so months old - they were moving out of state and couldn't take the him. My husband said we could take him (he is a cat lover) - i was like OMG - absolutely not! That cat isn't coming into my house! Well he started letting him come in, then it was he was in the majority of the time (we were trying to get him used to our house), then I was having to open up food for him and fill his water bowl, etc. The next thing you know the cat is sitting in my lap, I am feeding him, talking to him etc. - now he is my LOVE! LOL but I still don't like cats!
Tag ... Susan's IT!
I am still alive, I have been working fast and furious on my cards and doorprize for the Arlington Shoebox Swap that Emily Giovanni is hosting in Arlington this weekend. Robyn and I will be attending and we are sooooo excited! I have had to put my other stuff on the backburner and haven't been able to stamp just for me..........but hopefully after this weekend I will be back on track!


Oh, man -- sorry I'll miss seeing you this weekend, Kendra! I'm going to SoCalStampMania instead (planned before the Arlington date) -- darn it! Have fun!

Thanks for sharing a little more of yourself! I enjoyed "getting to know you better"! :)

Congratulations on you weight loss, wish I could type half that fast and absolutely love your blog!

Jovita said...

Now I know who to contact when I miss an episode of Y&R :) Thanks for playing the tag game, it was great reading about you and I have some OCD habits also!

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