It's Time for some Blog Candy!
Yep, that's right - I have had over 10,000 hits on my blog (WOW!). I have only had my Blog up since November and can't believe I have already had that many hits - it's amazing! Thanks to all of you who subscribe to my blog, visit me daily and leave me such super nice comments and emails! I have a very talented person working on a banner for me - It is going to be sooooo cute, can't wait for her to get it to me. :) I have had several people ask me about my distressing/sponging technique........I distress the paper then I sponge on the ink. :) Now on to the info. about the candy: Leave me a comment and let me know why you like visiting my blog and if there is anything you would like to see me touch on involving stamping or whatever else. :) On Friday morning I will draw the lucky winner!


Jenny said...

Congratulations on the 10,000 hits! That's awesome! I'm sure being the first poster will jinx my chance to win...but oh well! I love your work and just would like to keep seeing you doing what you do!!!
Jenny (jfstamps on scs)

asela said...

Congratulations on your blog!! Your artwork is really stunning. Love it!

Gina Wrona said...

I found your blog thru my demonstrator, Dawn Griffith, and check it everyday thru her link list of blogger friends.

My question is where or where did you get your Giga Scalloped Circle & Oval punches. I've searched everywhere in store/online, but everybody seems to be sold out. Ugh! I just keep wanting one more and more when I see your cards, which are very creative.

Gina Wrona

tracy said...

I recently found your blog through a link at Debbie's blog. I am so excited about finding it. I love your work. It's the same style I have but yours is put together so much nicer than mine.

Tracy K.

Anonymous said...

I love visting your blog EVERYDAY I might see all of your wonderful scalloped cards.
I would not change a thing about your blog. Love it just the way it is. You inspire me to make my cards better.
Kristi Ferro

Liz K said...

Wow, your cards are simply awesome, your creativity is oozing, I love it! I visit your blog everyday and get inspired each time. Have a wonderful day!

Liz K

Hi Girlie.. I love your blog because your projects are so cheerful and all the great colors you use blend
together so beautifully..
Keep up the great blog and see you tomorrow

mathstamp said...

I love visiting your blog! Your stamp designs are wonderful! I just want to see more, more, more of your stamping creations.

Melissa said...

Your blog is awesome and your cards are beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

Wow 10,000 hits, that is fantastic, I am still waiting on somebody to do my first hit!!! he he

I love your blog cause I love your cards, they are beautiful, you are a very busy and talented lady and if I get to be as good as you with a family and job I will be extremely happy.

Michelle Nadraszky said...

I just love your blog...I visit everyday...I love the cards, projects you make...they are are talented...Congratulations!

Hi Kendra,

I enjoy checking your blog daily because your cards are so pretty!


I enjoy reading your blog as I feel inspired by your cards. I also have 3 can relate to a huge amount of girl power in the house;)


Katie said...

I love to stop by here for inspiration! i love youra cards and ideas....keep that up and you are good to go!

Joella said...

I visit your blog because you have such a great style! I love your cards!


iralamija said...

I like to visit your blog because you have nice Ideas and cards, and also is nice of you to share some candy!

Kristine said...

Congrats Kendra! Well, I just love your style of just have that awesome ability to combine just the right colors with stamps and layouts etc.. I love all your work, and you blog is fun to read. :o) WooHoo! Can't wait to see the new blog header! (mine's a little cheesy, but I never took classes in computers, and I can't justify paying for one since I'm not a demo etc...?!) But I'm sure yours will be awesome, and am looking forward to see it. YOU GO GIRL!!

Becca said...

I am so happy that I found this blog to visit.

I love visiting because your talent is amazing and your sense of humor makes me smile :)

Keep up the good work. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

Becca :)

Dana Jones said...

Why do I visit your blog? Because I love your cards! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Kendra, I'm new to the stamping world and I love all of the beautiful cards you share. They really inspire me.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your cards. You are so creative and you give me so many ideas. TFS everything, and thanks for the candy! :o)

Dale Anne said...

I visit because I LOVE seeing your projects!!! GREAT JOB and CONGRATULATIONS!

Why do I visit your blog? Because you have very beautiful cards here just waiting to be CASEd! Thanks for sharing all your work with us!
~Amy H.

Cathy said...

I visit your blog because you are very talented and you have a great sense of humor. I love all fo your stuff!

tamimoreno said...

Congrats on the 10,000 hits - it's so much fun isn't it???
I only recently found your blog and have been visiting daily for a couple of weeks now. First of all - you have AWESOME cards - and I love the pictures of them - they are always so clear and easy to see!!
Second of all - I just like your blog. It's easy to read, everything is set up nicely and I just really enjoy it!
Thanks so much for this contest!

Margaret (scs a.k.a. alwaysstampin2) said...

Your blog, is ONE of my favorites, I visit it every day to see a new creation. I have found that visiting blogs keeps you up to date on new techniques. Yours is tops. Keep up the good work. Congrats!!!

Hi Kendra. I stumbled across your blog either by googling "stampin up demonstrator blog" or it was linked to another blog. I love reading your blog for the fabulous stamping ideas! Thanks for posting! ( is my blog)

SmilynStef said...

I use to keep track of all of my favorite stamping bloggers out there. I particularly like your photographs. They really show the details of your creations.

Colleen said...

I love your blog because of the cards you post. I really appreciate your eye for color. I would love to hear how to use stickles. I have heard about them but never anything more than that.

Lisa H said...

I love visiting your blog because you are extremely tallented and have beautiful brainer there!

Danita said...

Really, Kendra, only since November? Wow...I love your blog! I just really like to see the gorgeous creations you come up with! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you only started in November. That is totally awesome...i love your cards and the way you use your ribbons. You are an inspiration...YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... comment is on the previous post....Liann(viliann(at)hotmail...thanks again

Quilt Nut said...

your blog is very inspiring Kendra. you do such beautiful cards

Tracy.H said...

Hi Kendra,

Congrats on 10,000!! Wow!!

I love your blog because your creations are simply stunning! All I can say is...keep em' coming!!

Heather B said...

10,000 since November, that is awesome but not surprising! I know I check your blog daily because of the amazing things you are doing. Your cards are so beautiful and well done but also not too intimidating. What I mean is after I see them I think "I can try to do something like that". Anyway congrats and keep up the good work.
Heather B

Lois said...

Kendra, I just found you and really love your blog. I have added it to my fav's and subscribed. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us!

Dotty said...

Your blog is fabulous, I pop in everyday to have a look. Your creations are wonderful and you are such an inspiration! Congrats on the 10,000 hits - your talent speaks for itself!! Thanks for sharing all you do! :)

Jan Scholl said...

what is up with Blogger tonight? I have tried to post here , tried to update my own blog and nothing is posting!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR> Hope it feels my pain.

**Inge** said...

Hi Kendra, congatulations on your blog Ü I visit your blog almost everyday, like your story's, your cards en I love the way you photograph your projects!

Mandy said...

Why do I like to visit your blog? are quite an awesome artist! Your work is very inspiring to me! THANKS!

Laura said...

Hey blogging buddy!!! Congrats on your 10,000 hits. I visit your blog daily to see all of your amazing creations. You always amaze me and continue to out do yourself. Not to mention that you havea wonderful sense of humor. I wouldn't change anything about your blog Kendra. It's great just the way it is.

doverdi said...

Your blog is on my list of favs that I visit daily. Why do I keep coming back..I love seeing all your wonderful cards and appreciate your sharing your talent. Congrats on your 10,000 hits...I'm not surprised. Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiring me.

Hi Kendra,
I love looking at your blog because your cards are very inspirational! they are AWESOME! Love the layers and the color combos. Keep them coming! and thanks ever so much for sharing!


Beth Jayne said...

I just began visiting blogs a couple of weeks ago. Like someone said above, I happened to be looking at Dawn Griffith's blog and checked out the blogs she linked. I love your stamping style and immediately put you in my favorites, then subscribed to your blog. Thanks so much for the inspiration and beautiful cards!

Jenny Wrona said...

I love looking at your blog, I starting looking at it when I seen Dawn Griffith had you listed as a blogging friend so I had to see for myself. Congrats on the 10,000 hits!

Cindy Coffman said...

I love your blog.....your cards are so beautiful. Obviously your are a very talented person. Keep them coming and congrats on your 10,000 hits!!!

Christie Ortman said...

Hi Kendra: I love visiting your blog. I am a subscriber to it and I am inspired by the beautiful creations that greet me each morning. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

I check your blog daily for ideas, your cards are very nice.

Shelley Davis said...

Hi Kendra,
Congratulations on 10,000 hits! You know why I keep coming back. I think I tell you daily how much I love your work. You always surprise me with something different. You ask what else I would like to see? I am happy with the way you do things now, so anything you like would be fine with me. You inspire me!

I just discovered the blog world about a week ago, and am completely hooked! I've been whining to my family, "I need a blog"! I'm not sure I have the confidence to do it quite yet, but I know if I did get up and running that I would use your blog as a model! You are incredibly talented, and I appreciate you sharing that talent! I've subscribed to your blog, and read it daily. THANK YOU, and CONGRATS! Nancy

Lorie said...

Holy Smokes, Kendra! 51 comments? Wow! Of course, you are amazing so that does explain it! Thanks for sharing your awesome work!

Please, when you get your blog banner and please it in your header...please, tell me how you did it! I have had one made for me and I LOVE it but I can't figure out with the HTML codes and stuff how to place it in there so it covers up the old one. If you know how to do it please let me know, k?


Wow, when I grow up, I want to have 10,000 hits on my blog, too!!!
I love to read yours everyday, because I feel like we are neighbors (both in N. Texas!) and I wonder how you do it with 3 teenage daughters in the house!! I just have one rebellious teenager (and 2 little ones) so I can't imagine having 3 at once! (of course yours are probably angelic)! Thanks for helping all of us readers when we have questions--keep that up, girlfriend! see you tomorrow!

I love to read your blog because, you creations are just gorgeous and your information invaluable.

bethtrue said...

hi Kendra - cool blog candy!! i enjoy reading your blog because i think your card creations are gorgeous - they are typically very intricate with many layers and detail. i also admire the fact that you've got 3 kids, a job (outside the home) plus manage to find time to squeeze in such beautiful creations. i have a 3-year old, also work full time outside the home, and i struggle to find time to be crafty.

anyway - thanks for sharing. have a great day.


JodiM said...

I love reading about all your stuff & I love all of your projects!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your popularity! I enjoy your creativity! Keep up the fantastic work!
Lois H

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration & informative blog! Keep the ideas coming for those of us who are challenged!!!

Tammy said...

You are so talented and I love to see your creations! Thanks for all the great ideas! You definitely have inspired me! Thanks, Tammy

Janet said...

You always seem so excited about what you want to share. Your blog if fun and happenin' ! Hee hee

ikkinlala said...

Congrats on 10000 hits!

I like visiting your blog because you have some really nice and unique card designs.

Tami Grandi said...

I love to visit your blogs for two reasons- one, to read what you have written- I love your style of writing. It makes me feel like I'm right there. Two, because your projects are awesome!

Peggy said...

I subscribed to your blog because I just love your cards. I too want one of the scallop punches, but guess I'll have to wait until the frenzy is over! Everyone is sold out!
Thanks for all the beautiful creations - they give me hope that I can "do it too"!
(ps: also enjoy your style of journaling)

Debe said...

I can't believe your blog is so new! Congrats! I love all of your posts and especially like the way you use ribbon. Love those scallops too! Keep up the beautiful job!
Debe from Texas

Laura J said...

Enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your creative card samples! Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

Hi Kendra! I just found your blog a few weeks ago and now I check it daily. Your cards are exquisite - you really should have a professional gig. For me, it is like visiting an art gallery. I predict great things in your Stampin' Up! future!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog - I love visiting. I don't have any special requests, just keep doin' what you're doin'!

Linda (momtooandz on SCS)

Renee said...

I just found your blog this morning through Debbie's blog. It's wonderful... Another to add to my "must sees".
I am really enjoying seeing all your gorgeous work.
Rubber Hugs,
aka: happystamper05 on SCS

Jan Harrington said...

I like visiting your blog because I love the color choices you use on your cards.

Louise said...

Hi! I just found your blog this morning via Cindy's (re: watermark!) You have some great cards & I love the colour combo on the paisley one! I love the Like it a Latte set too! Thanks for the inspirations :)

Cheryl K said...

Hi -

Just found your blog today. You have some great cards, bright colors. Thanks!!!!

quickcurl said...

WOW, congrats on 10,000! Holy smokes thats alot! I love looking at your blog. Love your cards and color combos, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Christine

mishkismom said...

I love visiting your blo to see what awesome creations you have come up with! I LOVE the Polka Dot and Paisley you created today!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Just found your blog and am already "blown away" by your talent! I'm having so much fun looking at all your great art work. Absolutely gorgeous. Ida

mjb coffee said...

I would read your daily blog even if you didn't out blog candy, but it is kind of you to do so. I love the vase of flowers.

dini said...

I think this might be my first visit to your blog, but I'm lovin' it! THanks for sharing your artwork with the world. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I have gotten some terrific ideas from it. I check it out every day just to see what you have been up to. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.
Cheryl S.

Soozie4Him said...

Kendra - your blog is awesome! I love your cards - I get inspired every time I come to your blog! Here's hoping I win! Grin!

tntsmom said...

I love your Blog! Thanks for sharing all you beautiful projects with us!!!

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